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Praise for Samurai Sauce

RogerShelton-croppedZesty, natural and healthy
“Tad McBrides Samurai sauce is the finest condiment sauce available anywhere. With its zesty taste it flavors my favorite foods and satisfies the pallet in many ways at once. With its all natural ingredients it is also is a healthier choice for flavor. I love it.”
Roger Shelton, Greeneville, TN




RossLinesSoy sauce on steroids
“I like to think of Samurai Sauce as soy sauce on steroids. It’s perfect for stir-fry rice and other Asian dishes. But it’s also a great marinade for chicken, pork and even fish. I drizzle some over mashed potatoes and veggies to give them that little extra “zing”. Samurai Sauce is a great way to give leftovers or microwavable meals new life.”
– Ross Lines, Mooresville, IN


Great for meat, veggies and rice
“When I first tried Samurai Sauce, I thought it was a bottled concoction worthy of the finest fish, steak or chicken. I love the way it compliments not only meat, but vegetables and rice as well. Perhaps most of all, it is a sauce that could be on any dinner table as a condiment, or used to baste grilled vegetables or meat. It is rich in taste, but not overpowering. Now that I have tried several ways of cooking with the sauce, it is truly something I never want my kitchen to be without. There is nothing like this sauce on the market! It’s a unique and addictive super flavor booster. I love it!”
Kim Blair, Greensfork, IN


Crazy good!
“Samurai Sauce is crazy good! We use it on free-range chicken tacos, farm-fresh scrambled eggs and organic roast vegetables, it’s perfect. If I could bring one sauce for a potluck dinner, Tad McBride’s Samurai Sauce would definitely be the one!”
Scott Abla, Black Mountain, NC


Prepare to clean your plate
“Samurai Sauce will make you clean your plate!”
Jenny Abla, Black Mountain, NC


“Your sauce is amazing. It works with almost anyhthing. The ingredients work very well with each other! Thanks so much for making this a part of my life.”
– Caden Barto (12 years old), Clyde, NC


Great on broccoli
“Samurai Sauce is really good on steamed broccoli.”
– Joel Barto, Clyde, NC