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Samurai Sauce

Through painstaking experimentation for over 10 years, Tad McBride has crafted and refined Samurai, an all-natural vegan sauce. Utilizing a soy sauce base, Samurai Sauce is infused with garlic, red wine vinegar and other spices to serve your taste buds with a bold blend of salty and sweet.

Box of three 5 oz. bottles for $24.00

Pirate Sauce

Sail your taste buds to the Caribbean with Tad McBride’s new Pirate Sauce. Using all-natural vegan ingredients—real orange juice, real coconut pieces and tasty spices—Pirate Sauce is packed to the gills with flavor.

Box of three 5 oz. bottles for $24.00

Matador Sauce

“¡Olé!” Matador Sauce is Tad McBride’s answer to your average hot sauce. By combining the tingly heat of habanero with the subtle sweetness of mango, Matador is perfect on nearly every dish. Use it on wings, chili or anything else you can think of.

Box of three 5 oz. bottles for $24.00

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