"Eat well, love people, clean the dishes."

"Eat well, love people, clean the dishes."

Our Story

For over 10 years Tad McBride has been perfecting his debut sauce, Samurai Sauce, waiting for the right moment to share it with the world. Now is that time.

Tad is proud to offer everyone a taste of what he has been dreaming for so long. He is continually developing new sauces, and with these sauces, Tad wants to help bring communities together through great food.

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Stir-Fried Chicken with Samurai Ginger Glaze over Rice Noodles

A twist on a traditional stir-fry using the light, aromatic flavor of fennel blended with the tartness of ginger.

Mango-Chile Rolls with Honey-Ginger Sauce

This light yet spicy vegetarian roll is a perfect addition to your sushi meal, especially if you want something traditional. Bright, tangy and healthy.

Seared Sesame Tofu with Veggie Stir-Fry Over Brown Rice

This vegetarian delight features sesame-crusted tofu and thinly sliced veggies for a light, healthy meal.

"Samurai Sauce is great with wings!"Shawn Plew, Indianapolis, IN
"Adding Pirate Sauce to my favorite soups is a game changer."Aimee Morgan, Indianapolis, IN
"There is nothing like this sauce on the market!"Kim Blair, Greensfork, IN
"I like to think of Samurai Sauce as soy sauce on steroids."Ross Lines, Mooresville, IN
"If I could bring one sauce for a potluck dinner, Tad McBride’s Samurai Sauce would definitely be the one!"Scott Alba, Black Mountain, SC
“Samurai Sauce will make you clean your plate!”Jenny Alba, Black Mountain, SC

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